In between selling my house, packing and moving and most wildlife refuges closed due to damage from Hurricane Sandy, I managed to visit the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in NJ. This is one of the premiere refuges in NJ to see a wide variety of wildlife. My visit on June 16, 2013 was my very first time there and what a treat. I was glad to see the refuge up and running after hearing of the damage caused from the hurricane.

This visit resulted in a lot of new bird species for me including the Osprey and Black Skimmer. I was also able to view Horseshoe Crabs and Diamondback Terrapin turtles in their natural habitat. Being able to view so many different species in one place was amazing and was just the beginning of many more days spent at the refuge.

Here are just a few samples of the wildlife seen that day. More to follow soon in future posts.

Be sure to visit my Flickr page for full hi-res images.

Laughing Gulls eating Horseshoe Crab eggs. There were probably hundreds of gulls waiting for the crabs to lay eggs and snap them up as soon as they did. Luckily, one female crab can lay up to 100,000 eggs in a few days.

Horseshoe Crabs spawning

Diamondback Terrapin Turtle

Osprey with chick



Black Skimmer

Black Skimmer

Snowy Egret

Semipalmated Plover

Northern Flicker


18 thoughts on “Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge

    • Hi Robert! According to my bird book, they are seen in California and the book has two photos saying they were taken in California. From what the book says, it looks as if they are mostly seen along the lower half of California along the coast.

      They are a fun bird to watch. They fly low along the water, usually a marsh or shallow area and lower their lower bill into the water as they fly and skim. Once they feel a fish in their bill they snap it up and fly off with it. I will be posting pics of them skimming soon in a future post.

      I hope you find them.

  1. Hi Terence, I have never seen a live Horseshoe Crab. Gee, they sure are interesting. Your photographs of the birds are great! I enjoyed visiting your site today. Have a pleasant Tuesday tomorrow!

    • Thanks! I used to see the horsehoe crabs all the time as a kid but never paid attention to them. Now I am into wildlife photography it was great seeing them again. Have a great day too!

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