Back on January 5, 2014, up here in NEPA we had some frigid temperatures reaching into the sub zero range. Earlier in the morning it was -05 degrees with windchill of -35. I stupidly went out for a walk and noticed ice crystals everywhere. I quickly grabbed my camera to take a few quick shots. It was so cold I only took very few as my fingers were getting numb. A couple hours later I decided to go back out to see how the birds were doing and to my surprise, I saw a few birds mulling about and a lot of the ice crystals had disappeared. It was a sign of warmer temperatures ahead but the excitement quickly faded as the whole week it was sub zero here with bone chilling wind chill.

Ice crystals forming on the car window

Ice crystals forming on a blade of grass

Ice crystals on a coniferous tree branch

A very cold male Cardinal

Also very cold, a Tufted Titmouse. It amazes me how these tiny birds survive the frigid temperatures.

This is the same coniferous tree shown above but with the ice crystals melting away.


40 thoughts on “Ice Crystals

    • Thanks! I used a Sigma 18-250. I zoomed out to 250mm and used the in-camera macro setting. I also set my settings to auto ISO where it selects the ISO and shutter speed to match. My camera (Nikon D7100) has them in the menu settings. I hope that helps.

      I am surprised I got any to come out at all because I was shaking a lot from the cold air. I thought they would all be too blurry from the camera shake.

    • Hi Lori! There was one reported at the local airport but I haven’t been there yet to see it. It is usually behind a security fence out of sight from the general public. Mostly airport employees get to see it so that is why I haven’t bothered to go there. They are much easier and closer to see on the beach in NJ.

      At one of the wildlife refuges in NJ, one of the Snowy Owls sits right next to the road and some people took pics of it from their cars and it just sat and posed for them. I am in PA now so I missed that particular one but I will be in NJ next week and hoping it’s still at the wildlife refuge.

  1. So beautiful, as always. I would love to photograph ice crystals. But that would involve lots of ice and snow. And cold. And a macro lens. Lol. Your cardinal shot is gorgeous!

  2. hasn’t winter been strange…so very cold and lots of snow!!! Way too early here as it began in November…Awesome photos…I do have to admit the cold does bring some beautiful photo opportunities!

    • Thanks Heather! This winter is totally different for me seeing I moved further north. I am used to winter but for me, further north is just way too cold for me.

      • lol…I agree…this is way too cold for me too! Just so happens this is where I’ve lived all my life…always said I should have been born somewhere south! 🙂

    • Thank you! As beautiful as they are, I really hate the cold, snow and ice. It does make for great photo opportunities though. I hope you got to take some ice crystal photos by you.

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