These winter images were taken Monday, March 31, 2014. Just when you thought winter is over, we got hit with another blast of snow and ice.

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Bye bye Flickr. Last photo being posted

Icicles hanging off the roof

Icicle hanging off the roof. This particular icicle was about 8 feet long

Icicle hanging off the roof. This particular icicle was about 8 feet long

Snow covered branch

Snow by the stream

Snow by the stream

Snow by the stream

Snow by the stream

Snow covered branch

18 thoughts on “Just when you think winter is over

    • Yeah, the icicle was huge and was approx. eight feet long. Thank goodness it was on the back of the house so when it fell no one was in the way.

  1. It feels so weird to see these wintry images when it is spring over here (England)!
    Great photos, the ones of the icicles are my favourite 🙂 x

  2. Beautiful photos. You must have a wee bit of love for winter still inside you… you show its beauty so well.

  3. as much as I dislike winter, the photos are beautiful…we had a similar thing happen here…we had about 3 feet of snow, it rained for a couple of days and 90% was gone… it snowed the next evening and we had ground cover all over again…it is almost gone today! :)) all in a matter of a few days, not much we can do…it is what it is…

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