Those who know me know I live in NJ about 2.8 miles from the Barnegat Bay. My neighborhood was not under mandatory evacuation as we were not close enough to the rising water but still encountered the wrath of Sandy. We got hit with 80mph+ winds and a lot of trees went down. I rode the storm out and my house suffered minor damage compared to others who lost everything. Basically, the whole NJ coast was devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

After not having power and internet access for almost four days, finally, service was restored to my area. Many friends and family to this day still have no power. I am trying to get in touch with them via cell phone to see if they need assistance and if they need anything charged. My home is open to family, friends and neighbors if they need anything.

The images below are from mostly inland, river and bay areas from 1-4 days after Hurricane Sandy. These images only show a partial picture of the devastation and after some cleanup efforts but you can still see the extent of the damage to areas other than the coastal region.

Four days later, we are not yet allowed near the coastal areas but even the inland areas are still affected by the storm and there is still a lot of cleanup to be done.

Siding being blown off my house (Below)


My fence gate blown apart (Below)


Neighbor’s fence blown over (Below)


Downed trees just a few houses from mine. Taken the day after the hurricane (Below)


Downed trees further inland. Taken three days after the hurricane (Below)


Downed power lines further inland. Taken three days after the hurricane (Below)


Downed trees by the Toms River. Taken three days after the hurricane (Below)


Downed trees by the Bay. Taken three days after the hurricane (Below)


Some boats washed ashore. Taken three days after the hurricane (Below)


Jet ski washed ashore and blew into the power lines taking it out. Taken three days after the hurricane (Below)


Some debris bulldozed off the road to the side (Below)

That gazebo belongs to the left of the picture (Below)

Bait and tackle shop with wall blown in (Below)

Damaged homes by the bay. Taken three days after the hurricane (Below)


House completely blown apart (Below)

Some gas stations in NJ still have no power and are not operational. The ones that are operational have been overwhelmed with customers. People in line for gas on the Garden State Parkway. The photos don’t really show the ½ mile plus long line of cars waiting (Below)


9 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy from a NJ resident’s view

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  2. Funny, the ‘tree devastation’ looked the same up here! (I shoulda taken pictures too! Amazing how many big trees were COMPLETELY uprooted! Yet, other already ‘leaned’ trees stayed planted!

    • The pictures of the downed trees I posted were just a fraction of what I saw. If I took pictures of every tree, I could fill a whole 500gb hard drive with just trees.

  3. Wow. That was definitely some week. There were so many fallen trees in my neck of the woods too. The pictures of the boats everywhere are just shocking. Great job documenting this tragedy.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Cheers.

    • The more severely damaged areas are still closed to the public going on three weeks now. Mostly to deter looting and also to keep areas clear for cleanup crews.

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