So way back on Apr. 13, 2013 the news said that my area of NJ would get a spectacular Northern Lights display. I gathered my winter gear, camera and tripod and headed to the beach where it would be dark enough to be able to view the Northern Lights.

I got there a bit early to find a decent spot to setup the camera and view the lights from because it gets pretty dark at the jetty and the rocks are very slippery. Well, after watching the sun set and waiting for two hours in the 20 degree weather, no lights were to be seen. The news later said that the lights would be visible roughly an hour later so I waited and waited and yet no lights visible. The news once again said, one more hour till the lights would be visible and still nothing. So after four hours of freezing my little digits off, I decided to pack it in and head for warmth. On the way home, the news said that the Northern Lights would not be visible in NJ. WELL DUH! Of course they weren’t.

Anyway, I got a few decent shots of the sun setting and of the lighthouse so the night wasn’t a complete waste.






21 thoughts on “Northern No Lights Show

    • Thanks Divya! The last pic was when the sun was well below the horizon and the sky was clear enough to get the suns rays still coming up over the horizon.

    • Thanks Heather! It was pretty cold out that night. You being in Canada I am sure you are more used to the cold than I am but the night wasn’t a total loss.

  1. I did the exact same thing here in Ohio. Giant Northern Lights fail. Still nice to be out though. You got some great shots that you would have missed if you had not gone out though!

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