I am giving you all a break from the wildllife photos for a while.

My friends and I decided to take a ride along the Jersey Shore one last time before I leave NJ for good. We went to Margate, Longport, Atlantic City, Ocean City, Wildwood and Cape May. I already posted Wildwood and Ocean City. This time it’s Margate and Longport. Not much to see there except for Lucy The Elephant in the Margate section.

Besides Lucy, Margate has a nice beach area with some nice hotels and restaurants but Longport is more residential and very little else.

Don’t forget to visit my Flickr page for some high resolution wildlife images.

Lucy The Elephant has dedicated parking spots but only for a limited time. Don’t park there expecting to get a free parking space for the day. The attendant watches closely and marks down each car and license plates that pull in and checks the time to make sure they don’t stay longer than an hour. If you do, you will be towed.


While the parking is free for one hour, the trip inside Lucy isn’t. You must pay to get inside. I opted to just stay outside but the view from the top of Lucy would have been nice to see.

Not the view I was expecting from an elephant’s rear.

Lucy The Elephant is a famous landmark and the town of Margate even has Lucy The Elephant adorned on their water tower.

Old life guard boat being used as a flower garden

House in Longport with some weird statues

Old life guard boat being used as a flower garden


9 thoughts on “Lucy, I’m Home!

  1. I’m so excited to see that Lucy is still there too. Since my relatives lost a lot in the storm it seemed a little insensitive of me to ask about Lucy. I figured that I would just ride down there when we visit in December and see. But now I know to wait for a sunny day to go so I can take pictures.

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