Here are some photos I took of dragonflies from around NJ and PA. I love the variety of colors they display and they are my favorite insect.

Seen at Hazleton, PA

Seen at Hazleton, PA

Seen at Hazleton, PA

Seen at Manahawkin Wildlife Management Area, NJ

Seen at Manahawkin Wildlife Management Area, NJ

Seen at Manahawkin Wildlife Management Area, NJ

Seen at Manahawkin Wildlife Management Area, NJ

Seen at Cape May Point State Park, NJ

Seen at Cape May Point State Park, NJ


83 thoughts on “The Dragon-flies tonight

      • I know what you mean. For myself, I am calling it the Year of the Dragonfly. They seem to be always near me. They really are quite magical. Are the tiny ones really young insects or merely another variety?

    • Thanks Heather! I just found out this year how many different types and colors there are. I saw a really nice purple one but the pics didn’t come out as nice as I wanted. I am also trying to photograph one that’s green and red but it refuses to land for me. It mostly flies over water so it’s very difficult to get.

      • purple is my favorite color so I look forward to when you show the purple fellow…we have pretty blue ones around here but I don’t see them often…when I lived lakeside I saw so much more of insects, birds, animals, etc…but where I live now it is a treat to see anything other than the norm…so I’ll keep my eyes open!

        • I have the purple one and one other one to post but will wait till I get some more so I can post a few all at once. I am heading back to my old area Thursday for 2 weeks and there are thousands and thousands of dragonflies there so hopefully I will get some new photos and also some new colors while I am there.

  1. Hi Cheryl! For some reason I can only reply once to a comment so I have to start a new comment to reply back. Maybe there is a setting to adjust the amount of replies per comment?

    I am new to Dragonflies so not too sure about them just yet. The smaller ones looks like a different type from what I can tell. I find them very intriguing so I will look further into identifying them.

    • Awesome and thanks. Have you seen the ones I shot on my blog? Their faces amaze me so much. Sometimes when I am shooting, they just keep nodding at me. The reflections from my lens sometimes bugs them but they a,ways settle back down.

      • When I look at them their heads do seem to nod. The eyes reflect a lot of light so I have to try to photograph them with indirect lighting. If there is too much light I sometimes get their heads blurred. It could also be that they move their heads pretty rapidly too.

        I tried looking at your blog but I can’t connect to it. Do you have a direct link I can use? I would love to see your photos.

        • I just found out today there is some problem. I thought it had been rather quiet lately. Ill get you a link. I can get to it by putting costaricatropicalaffair.wordpress into the search engine.

          • I found out how to change the amount of repies per comment. It is in the dashboard settings. You can go as high as 10 replies per comment.

            I also found your page and am now following. I will definitely take a look through your page.

            • Thanks so much! Glad you solved your own dilemma. You also helped me with mine when the link showed up in your notice! Win, win. Now I just want to go take some pictures….haha. Hope you see something wonderful today.😀

              • Thanks and I hope you get your link fixed. When you start a new post there are settings on the right side that say publish and publicize. To have your posts seen in the categories like Nature and Photography, you need to have your posts set to publicize. When it is set to publicized it will automatically publish your post in the categories you set and also to the page you connect to. I connect mine to Facebook and then WordPress automatically posts it under the categories I set. I always set mine to photography and then nature if I have nature photos to share. When you set publicize to Facebook, the post is also posted to Facebook automatically. I hope that helps with your posts being seen.

                It’s been cloudy and rainy here for the last few days but I am heading back to my old area Thursday for 2 weeks and there are thousands and thousands of dragonflies there so hopefully I will get some new photos and also some new colors while I am there.

                • Thanks for the tips. I have been sort of like the kid tossed in the lake to sink or seim with blogging but every day I learn more. Ive been distracted with my manuscript but really want to get back to my photos. Have fun!

  2. Thanks for liking my post. These are amazing photos. It is great to see the fabulous dragonflies on the other side of the world. I have seen loads of black tailed skimmers this week but before long they will all be gone.

    • Thanks Carol! They will be gone pretty soon here too depending on how much longer the warm weather holds out. It’s starting to get a bit chilly already so I don’t see them being around much longer at all. There’s always next year.

  3. Your photos are beautiful! How fortunate you are to be near so many different kinds of dragonflies as well as damselflies (the small ones with the wings held over their bodies). Thanks for visiting my blog!

    • Thanks Karen! Thanks also for the differences in the types. The Dragonflies like to be near water so if you have a body of water near by you might be able to see some. It is getting late in the season now so maybe next year.

  4. thanks for liking Ray’s Garden. These are stunning photos. Dragonflies used to be all over the place when I was a child but I rarely see them around here anymore .. nice to see so many of them here

    • Thanks for stopping by! In my area of NJ we always had a lot of dragonflies. When I was younger I never really paid attention to the dragonflies and now I can’t get enough of them. Now I am in PA and every time I go out I try to look for more by the lake.

    • Thanks Becky! The colors are amazing and I never knew there were so many different ones either until this year. Hopefully next year I can discover even more.

    • Thanks for stopping by. They are very abundant by the marshes and lakes. One of the universities released hundreds of thousands to repopulate certain areas overwhelmed with mosquitoes so this past summer was great seeing so many.


    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

    • Thanks Angie! I never knew there were so many different colors and had a great time seeking them out. I have a few more to post but have a lot of catching up to do sorting them all. Will post more as soon as I can.

  6. Wow! Beautiful colors. My favorite is the last one with blue shades (my favorite color). By the way, thanks for liking my post “Flora”.
    Kind greetings,

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