I visited another wildlife management area really close to my house in NJ back on Apr 01, 2013 that I never knew about. It was only 15 minutes away. The Manahawkin Wildlife Management Area on Stafford Ave. has a nice variety of birds and being so close to my house quickly became a favorite spot to visit.

The area still showed signs of damage from Hurricane Sandy five months later and the photos below show some poles blown down from the heavy winds. The flooding was actually from a storm just a couple of days prior to my visit on April 1st but shows what it might have looked like during the hurricane. The day was very confused as it didn’t know if it wanted to rain or not. One minute it was bright and sunny and then the next minute it was dark and gloomy and threatened to rain, it was like that all day long. Thankfully the rain stayed away but the heavy clouds played havoc with the camera.

Too bad I moved away as I have just found out about these new areas near me and didn’t have much time to visit them as I spent most of my time at the lighthouse. Being so close to the house was great but now I am four hours away. Thank goodness I still have family in NJ that is close to these wildlife areas so when I visit family back in NJ I don’t have to go too far to get back to the wildlife areas.

The Manahawkin Wildlife Management Area is popular with hunters during the hunting season so be careful during that time of year. Some of the signs posted were filled with shotgun pellet holes so the hunters are very active there. Be sure to check the calendar for hunting season so you don’t accidentally run into a trigger happy hunter.

Some of the birds seen were:
Great Egrets
Snowy Egrets
Great Blue Herons
Tree Swallows
Mute Swans
Red-winged Blackbirds
Boat-tailed Grackles
American Crows
Fish Crows
Red-tailed Hawks
Pie-billed Grebes
Canada Geese
Hooded Mergansers
Common Mergansers

Unfortunately I didn’t get photos of all of them as some were extremely shy or just too far away but on to the photos of the ones I did get.




























15 thoughts on “No Regrets for the Egrets

  1. gorgeous shots as always Terence…love the Egrets and Swans…so graceful! The winds can be so devastatingly destructive as your photos show! I’m surprised there is hunting allowed in a wildlife management area???

    • Thanks Heather! The Egrets are so beautiful when flying. I love the sail like wings of them when fully open. The poles were recently fixed in May but the area still gets flooded just with a good high tide but not as bad as if a storm hits it. I was surprised about the hunting myself. I never knew that you could do that. I just have to be extra careful here if I go during hunting season.

  2. Beautiful shots, Terence. I went through Manahawkin every summer to get to Long Beach Island, and I also never heard of this wildlife area. Maybe that’s best for the wildlife : ) Everyone is so hell bent on going to the beach! You always bring back such fond memories for me when I see your posts.

    • Thanks Anita! Barnegat/Manahawkin area is full of wildlife management areas I never knew of and I have lived there for 11 years and most of my life in the Toms River area. I’m glad that most people don’t know about it and that most people drive right by to get to the beaches 🙂 but the area still get quite a few visitors and not all are bird watching unfortunately. Glad you enjoyed the photos. Hopefully this summer when I visit NJ I will have some LBI beach photos for you. I will be in Manahawkin/Toms River for 2 weeks at the end of June.

      • Oh great, Terence! I look forward to seeing those! (My mother still owns a house on 9th St. in Beach Haven – now a rental property – but, I have so many memories from the summers I spent there many years ago there)

  3. You got some great shots! I especially love that Egret. I was out walking on a conservation area trail yesterday and tried to get some shots of some Tree Swallows…but no luck, they are so fast! Nice work!

    • Thanks Soonie! The Egrets are such beautiful birds. Good luck with the Tree Swallows, they are very fast and rarely ever sit still. I was lucky to get the one on the branch in my photos but it was such a dreary day but still thankful I was able to get it sitting still.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog & liking my bird pix. I love your egret photos. I don’t know exactly what kind of egret I have been pursuing, but it mesmerizes me (check out fromunderthepages.wordpress.com, my other blog). Anyway, thanks for the beautiful pictures!

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