Back on Apr 11, 2013 I visited a different area of Barnegat Bay that was only five minutes from my house. I have lived near there for 11 years and never knew it was a wildlife refuge.

My first visit there was very rewarding even though it was a cloudy, rainy day and again, the forecast was for partly sunny. So it really wasn’t snowing at the bay. I got to see a Snowy Egret fishing right near the marsh and also got to see some Laughing Gulls.

The Snowy Egret was realy putting on a show for me and it figures it was a dark, gloomy day ad my old SIgma 70-300 lens was acting up and refusing to focus. Anyway, I did manage to get some salvageable photos though.










11 thoughts on “Snowy Day at the Bay

  1. these photos are certainly more than salvageable! they are amazing, the Snowy Egret is a magnificent bird…love that he has black legs and yellow feet, to compliment his black beak and yellow eyes…I guess they have to have color someplace! 🙂

    • Thanks Heather! The Snowy is such a cool looking bird. I love the coloration you pointed out. The yellow feet were a surprise to me as I usually only see them either standing in tall grass or in water so to see the yellow feet was pretty cool.

      The very similar Great Egret which is much larger is also pretty cool. Instead of yellow feet, it has a yellow bill and instead of yellow by the eyes, it has green. I will post some of those soon that I saw at a different area close to my home as well as at the lighthouse. Well, my old home now seeng I moved recently but I still visit the old area frequently.

      • I love to see all the different birds in your area…some are so beautiful like the Snowy…I look forward to seeing shots of the Great Egret…hope you are settling in your new home…

    • Thanks Lori! I was lucky that day to see the Snowy so active. They usually just stand around but that particular day they were very active. I guess they were hungry.

    • Thanks for stopping by. The water was very still that day and I tried to fit the reflections in the frame but the Snowy was moving quite a lot. It was hard for me to track it and try to keep the reflections in the frame at the same time.

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