Here are some photos of the wildlife around the area of my new home in Pennsylvania. Well, I mean the home I am staying at. It’s not my home but my families. I will be staying here indefinitely until I can get back on my own.

I am not fully set up at the new place and I don’t have my regular desktop computer to edit my photos. I am using my laptop which has limited capabilities compared to the desktop so please forgive the quality of the photos.

There are many animals and birds here in PA that I don’t normally see in NJ. There are some very interesting birds here and I am having fun trying to photograph them all but it has been frustrating at times as I don’t have my feeder set up yet and the birds here are very, very shy.

There are quite a few woodpeckers here and they leave their mark all over the trees. Some of the woodpeckers I have seen so far are, Pileated Woodpecker, Red-headed Woodpecker and Red-bellied Woodpecker but unable to photograph them because they are either too far away or fly away as soon as they spot me.

Some of the animals seen and the surrounding area are shown in the photos below.

Deer in the backyard

Crow fending off a hawk

Chipmunk in the backyard

Chipmunk in the backyard

Small stream with a small waterfall near the house

Small stream with a small waterfall near the house

Small stream with a small waterfall near the house

View of the man made lake from the street near the house

Dandelion flower

Chipping Sparrow1400
Chipping Sparrow

Squirrel in the backyard

Woodpecker calling card

Tufted Titmouse1416
Tufted Titmouse


64 thoughts on “At one with nature

    • Thanks for stopping by as well. PA is looking promising so far with the volume of wildlife it has to offer. I have only been here a few days so I am looking forward to exploring and finding the nature hot spots.

  1. Penn is a beautiful place with a great amount of wildlife. Enjoy it! I had a chipmunk that lived in an old brake drum of a tractor-trailer truck outside my Dad’s garage when I was younger. They can become quite tame.

    • Thanks Noir! I hope I will enjoy PA but it is looking promising so far. There are a few chipmunks around the house so I am sure they will keep me entertained hahaha!

    • Thanks KG! The woodpeckers are everywhere but when I am around they are elusive. Hoping to win their acceptance one day so I can photograph them.

  2. Good luck with everything. Looks like a great place for transition. I love Redheaded Woodpeckers and saw some amazing ones while in CR. keep snapping!

    • Thanks Cheryl! The woodpeckers scare very easily and I am trying everything to not scare them. Hoping to get my feeder up soon so they can enjoy the treats I leave for them and hopefully win them over.

  3. lol…this looks like it could be in close to where I live…the same kinds of wildlife…I’ve been trying to get a photo of a woodpecker for years…they are very elusive fast creatures…all the best to you Terence in your new home, enjoy!

    • Thanks Heather! I am only in PA for two weeks initially to get my stuff straightened out here then off to NJ again for the rest of the summer. I will be back in PA indefinitely sometime in September.

      The woodpeckers are very elusive and I will have to come up with some creative way to photograph them. Good luck to you trying to photograph the woodpeckers and if you find out a way to get them without spooking them please let me know.

  4. Hi Terrence – thanks for visiting me at http://ja2da.com.
    You have such great pictures!
    By the way – both NJ and PA are far-off exotic places to me!
    Looking forward to more chipmunks!

    Hope you find something soon – I was out of work a few times myself and it’s miserable!
    (I’m retired – so I’m permanently unemployed now)

    • Thanks for visiting David! I do have a few more chipmunk photos and will upload soon. They are very cute animals and a lot of fun to watch.

      I hope you are enjoying your retirement. Give you more time to enjoy taking photos. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

  5. Thank you for “liking” my post (poem). You live in a lovely state so should have many good photo opportunities. I am in the NW and it is gorgeous out here in spring (and always). I enjoyed your pictures today so will return!

    • Thanks for stopping by! PA so far seems pretty nice. A lot of wildlife here so it should keep me busy. I am in the NE part of PA and it seems a world away from everything and everyone hahaha! Have fun in the NW and looking forward to more of your posts.

  6. Wow!! You’ve taken some beautiful shots here, how do you get so close? i can hardly imagine being able to take a photo with such focus without my “subject” running away!! Really good photos!!

    • Thanks Tasha! I use a 120-400mm zoom lens to get close. Sometimes I also crop the photo but in this set I only cropped the Tufted Titmouse bird photo, all the rest are original size.

      The birds around here are very shy and will fly away even if you are 50 feet away so the zoom lens comes in handy. Taking bird photographs, you need a lot of patience. In the end hopefully it pays off but sometimes it is frustrating.

      • Haha I can imagine, what type of camera do you use? I only have a bridge camera but I think it zooms quite far, I can imagine with a lense like that you would be even louder with that equipment, well you welcome they’re beautiful shots I hope to see more.

  7. I think that your photos are fantastic. I can’t wait until you have the full editing capability with your desktop computer. I love that you are so in tune with nature even in new surroundings!

    • Thanks Tanya! I have fun trying to identify the different species. Half the fun is seeing them and the other half is looking them up to identify them. It’s also very educational.

  8. Wonderful images, I am somewhat envious of that stream and waterfall on your property! What a great background that would be for my portrait business! Thanks for sharing! And thank you for stopping my little corner of the blogiverse and liking “A Flower Blooms” 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting! The stream and waterfall is only a short walk from the property and has some great wildlife photo opportunities if the wildlife cooperates 🙂

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  10. I like your photography. Nature is all around us if we just take a moment to see and hear it. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    • Thanks! It’s funny you say that. Ever since I started bird watching I have been more aware of the every day nature that goes on around me. No matter where I am I keep looking out for wildlife. Thanks for visiting!

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