This post is a day earlier than I would have liked but I am moving and have to be out of the house tomorrow (Wednesday) and willl not have internet access for a few days so I am posting early.

Visiting the Barnegat Bay Lighthouse once again to see the wintering birds on Feb 27, 2013. The featured image shows a Ruddy Turnstone that was strutting it’s stuff. It was walking proud and stylin’ and profilin’ for me. It would stand and pose for me like it knew it was being photographed.

Again, it was another frigid day at the bay. It was extremely cold and windy and the waves were riding high. I was just glad that the sun was out.

Nothing new this particular day except for the usual suspects. Some Harlequins, Brants, Great Cormorants, Ruddy Turnstones, Sanderlings, Purple Sandpipers and the always present gulls. By the end of the day, the area got pretty cloudy which presented an unusual sunset with the sun rays shining through the clouds.























11 thoughts on “Stylin’ & Profilin’

    • Thanks Robert! The waves were crashing for most of the day but they creep up unexpectedly. The bay seemed relatively calm and then all of a sudden waves would come out of nowhere and crash into the rocks. The rocks get very slippery and you really have to watch your step.

  1. great photos Terence…the popcorn clouds are very cool…love how the mist off the rocks when the waves crash in! and of course the Harlequin fellows are beautiful, I think they know it too! 🙂 Good luck with your move!!!

    • Thanks Heather! The clouds and waves were pretty cool. The Harlequins seem to be everyone’s favorite and for very good reason. They are fun to watch and I love the colors on them.

  2. Happy move! PS, I got an upbeat update from one of the B & B places on Long Beach Island the other day. Sounds like folks are looking forward to coming back to the shore. Good luck to everyone working on the recovery!!!

    • Thanks Lori. The move went smoothly. Most of the beach areas are open along LBI except for the Holgate area which is at the southern most end of the barrier islands. A lot of businesses are starting to reopen but some are only seasonal but hopefully they are back in full swing. I am looking forward to going back a few times in the summer.

  3. Very much enjoyed not only the pics, but your writing! Looking forward to more as I subscribe. You have a talent and I’m looking forward to following your adventures, as you did mine in Costa Rica at my nikisims blog.

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