Not really hahahaha! The chilly temperatures have been on and off here for the last two weeks and even hitting the low 30’s at night the last few days. At least the Cherry blossoms have come out. I just hope they don’t die from the overnight frost.

These pictures are from the Weeping Cherry tree in my front yard.







23 thoughts on “Spring has finally sprung

    • Thanks for stopping by. NJ is slowly recovering and most of LBI itself is pretty much recovered except for the Holgate area which is still closed. There are other areas such as Ortley Beach near Seaside Heights still suffering from the hurricane and were almost completely destroyed. Whole neighborhoods were wiped out. The cleanup and rebuilding is moving along though. Most of the pictures of the wintering birds are from the LBI/Barnegat Bay Lighthouse area and I did also post a few posts of the devastation along the coastline here in NJ.

  1. Yep, I saw some of those earlier posts, too….we were very worried. Love LBI– the people, the amusement parks, the mini golf, oh and the salt water taffy, no doubt! Maybe we’ll head down that way this summer & stock up. Thx for sharing the eyewitness accounts!

    • Some businesses are already open but some only open for the summer. Some are still trying to recover from damages but everything seems to be moving along. If you do come this way, enjoy! Who knows, you might even see me on the beach taking pics of the birds.

  2. Still chilly here too Terence…in fact we had lots of snow yesterday…most of it is gone now but it will be at least a week before the ice is off Lake Nipissing! Can’t wait…
    Gorgeous photos, they cherry blossoms look so delicate, but beautiful…it must smell wonderful…

    • Thanks again Heather! Unfortunately the cherry trees aren’t mine anymore. The house was sold and these are the last pictures I got of them. At least it’s something to remember them by. The temperatures have been really chilly lately and I am wondering if spring is really here hahahaha! Stay warm up there and always a pleasure reading your comments.

  3. Very nice indeed. We recently moved home and we have cherry blossom out at the moment, but ours is white, which although beautiful, not a patch on the pics you have taken of yours.

    • Thanks again for visiting! I had a very clear and beautiful day the day I photographed the blossoms. White blossoms are pretty as well. I hope you have full blossoms soon. The ones by me are already gone so the tree looks kind of bare now.

      • That really is the problem with them. The are amazing for a few days if the weather is kind to you, but then weeks of trying to get rid of the fallen blossom, and it gets everywhere.

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