A very tiny chatterbox that visits my feeder is the Carolina Chickadee. These little birds are quite tiny, anywhere from two inches as an immature to four inches for adults. Being so tiny, you really need to look out for them. Not even their loud chirps will help spot them because they can hide easily behind the smallest of branches.

They love to swoop back and forth from the branhes to the feeder while chatting loudly. They are extremely fun to watch.









10 thoughts on “My Little Chickadee

  1. what a pretty little thing, didn’t know they were that small! Having said that this fellow looks very well fed. I particularly like the last two photos the way the fellow looks perched on the end of the branch…he looks very regal…

    • Thanks Heather! The last two photos were actually the first ones I took of the Chickadee. I was refilling the feeder and luckily I had my camera with me at the time. The Chickadee flew in to see what I was doing and sat there briefly. I was only able to get two photos of it on that branch before it flew off. Later that day, six more came back. Two bigger ones and four smaller ones. I guess it was a family outing.

      They haven’t been this cooperative since and I was lucky to get them this close and on such a nice sunny day. They will be harder to photograph now that spring is here. The leaves are starting to come out on the trees making them harder to see as they are very tiny birds.

    • Thanks for visiting! I used a Nikon D70s with a Sigma 70-300mm zoom lens for these photos. I upgraded to the new Nikon D7100 with the new Sigma 120-400mm zoom lens about three weeks ago and still learning the menus. The new camera is light years ahead of the old D70s. It will take time to learn and use all the new menus correctly.

      The Sigma 70-300mm lens is roughly 10 years old and about dead. It doesn’t focus anymore so I had to upgrade. The D70s is also roughly 8 years old but it still works fine so I am keeping the D70s as a backup camera.

      In NJ where I used to live we get the Carolina Chickadees and in PA where I am living now we get the Black Capped Chickadee. They look and sound very similar but the chirps have a slight difference. I also noticed that the Blackk Capped Chickadees have a slightly larger black patch on the throat. Just my observance.

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