Another visit to the Barnegat Bay Lighthouse State Park on Feb 21, 2013 with a bit of luck this time. I got to see the Harlequins and Oldsquaws fly up close and personal. I really enjoyed seeing the Harlequins fly as they very rarely if ever fly when I go to the bay. The Oldsquaws are constantly flying but it was good to get them up close.

There were some USMC helicopters flying real close too which scared the begeezus out of me as they came up from behind. There was also a Canadian sail boat entering the bay. Was that you Heather?

Overall it was a very nice and clear day but still very bitterly cold.



















8 thoughts on “Harlequins, Oldsquaws and The Marines? Oh My!

  1. these are amazing Terence, are you sure you need a new camera…from the Harlequins to the helicopters, just wonderful movement, colour & detail!!! The Harlequins are my favourite of all the birds…the helicopters are extremely loud so I understand how they could scare you when coming from behind…good thing you didn’t slip on the rocks…I’m sure the water is a might chilly still 🙂 lol…no it wasn’t me in the boat, when I used to go boating it wasn’t in a sail boat, even with a backup motor…but that was many years ago!

    • Thanks Heather! The Harlequins surprised me by flying that day. It was great watching them. I did get the new camera and I am slowly learning the menus. The new camera is light years ahead of my old one and has tons more new features and menus that I need to get accustomed to. It’s going slow but I am determined to learn everything about this new camera. I got it late in the migration season but I will have plenty of other local birds and surroundings to practice on.

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