Back on March 15, 2013 I took a visit to Island Beach State park, NJ to see how the red foxes were doing after Hurricane Sandy. All the local news articles said they were doing fine but I had to go see for myself. The red foxes were doing just fine as I saw with my own eyes and I was glad to see them alive and well. To my surprise though, I saw four red foxes just 1/4 mile in from the main entrance.

It is unlawful to feed the foxes but many people disregard the law and feed them anyway. If anyone goes to Island Beach State Park, please do not feed them as they will become dependant on handouts and not bother to fend for themselves as they should.

As the title would suggest, these are not all females but I didn’t check to see which was which hahaha! Other than that, it was great to see them up close and to see them doing well.










22 thoughts on “Foxy Lady!

  1. hmmm…the last two fox(is it the same one?) appear larger, look healthier, with thicker, more colourful fur…I would wonder if they/it are male…great photos either way…looks like the two together are unhappy about something… 🙂

    • Hi Heather, there were four different foxes there that day. Some were smaller and looked like maybe younger but I am not sure which are males or females. Some were more red than others but it is getting warmer here and they are losing their winter coats. The pictures I posted are of three of the four I saw that day. The fourth fox was very shy and kept hiding in the bushes so I never got a photo of it.

      Your 18-55 lens is a good lens for portraits and landscape scenery. For wildlife you will definitely need a zoom lens from 70-300mm or better depending on what you want to photograph. Getting bigger isn’t always necessarily better. Also, the bigger the lens the higher the cost so if it’s just a hobby, buy according to your budget.

      If getting a 70-300mm lens then that would fit you nicely for a beginner just like me. I am a beginner as well and want to move up to the 120-400mm because some birds and other animals are just too far away for my 300mm so I am hoping the 400mm wil bring them just a bit closer. Besides, my stuff is so old I do need to upgrade to newer stuff so I figured I would get the 400mm and keep the old 300mm as a backup.

      Also, if getting a zoom lens, you will have to change your lens from time to time depending on what you want to photograph. If you want, you can find lenses for your camera that go from 18-300mm so that way you have the best of both worlds in one lens and not have to keep changing lenses. It does become a real pain at times especially when on the beach and risking getting sand inside the camera so looking for an 18-300 for your camera might be better so you don’t need to keep switching lenses.

      Good luck with your photography and hope you find a lens suitable for you. I have seen some of your photos and they are nice. Keep at it and I am always looking forward to seeing more of your pictures.

    • Thanks Robert! As I mentioned above to Cheryl, the foxes made it easy by posing for me. I am glad they survived the hurricane. It was great to see them alive and well.

  2. Beautiful photographs I love foxes … Look forward to seeing more from you thanks for stopping by my blog x

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