The Harbor Seals were having fun in the bay at the lighthouse on Feb 18, 2013. Previously I had only seen one but on that particular day I happened to see four. This was another bitterly cold day and the waves crashing onto the rocks were actually freezing up. Icicles were forming over the rocks which made it very slippery and dangerous walking on the jetty.

Other than the Harbor Seals, there were;
Red-breasted Mergansers
Bufflehead Ducks
Surf Scoters
and everyones favorite, the Harlequins





















7 thoughts on “Seal of approval

    • Thanks Robert! We do have river otters but not sure if they actually make it to the bay. The seals do frequent the bay for fish and crabs though.

  1. amazing close ups as always…love all the fellows, but the icicles are awesome, nice texture and detail in them! Do you mind Terence if I ask you…what kind of lens to you use for the close ups??? I have the one lens that came with my camera but it doesn’t zoom in as close as I want… 🙂 thanks

    • Thanks Heather! My zoom lens is a very, very old Sigma 70-300mm. It is actually about ready to retire. Almost 75% of my photos are coming out blurry now and the focus motor is very slow so I am hoping to upgrade sometime later this month or very early May. I am looking at the new Nikon D7100 24 megapixel camera with the new Sigma 120-400mm zoom lens. My trusty OLD Nikon D70s (8 years old) and Sigma 70-300 (10 years old) will be relegated to being paper weights as soon as I get the new equipment.

      Do you have a DSLR or a point and shoot? If you have a DSLR then you can change lenses. If you want a zoom lens, look at Amazon.com, they have a nice selection of zoom lenses for DSLR cameras at decent prices. Be sure to check if it fits your specific camera though because not all Canon lenses fit all Canon cameras and same as not all Nikon lenses fit all Nikon cameras. There are different body styles that need specific lenses for those DSLR bodies.

      • Thank you Terence for such a detailed response…I have a DSLR…it is a Nikon D3000, I was told this was a descent beginner for someone like myself who isn’t experienced with DSLR cameras…while your cameras may be old they still produce amazing shots…with your expertise of course! You also have very powerful zoom lens, that will get you close to what ever you are interested in. Someone else told me a good camera helps but it won’t take great photos unless the person taking the photos know what they are doing, which I don’t yet, but I feel as thought I’m beginning to learn… just got the camera in the middle of Feb. and I find the lens that came with the camera doesn’t allow me to zoom in the way I’d like to…mine is only 18-55mm and that isn’t nearly enough even for a complete beginner like myself! I just took a look at what amazon.ca has and there seems to be a good selection…I’ll have to go over it in detail when I get a chance…I see the lens you are interested in is 120-400mm so my thought is I should get the highest lens I can for the money I have to spend? sound right? Thanks again Terence for your thoughts…

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