Time for another post from the feeder in my tree.

Another frequent visitor to the feeder are the White-throated Sparrows. I have a family of them living close by and every day I go out to fill the feeder and throw seeds on the ground for the ground feeders, these little sparrows are usually the first to fly into the tree when they hear the front door open. They sit and wait patiently until I am done and then they either fly to the feeder or swoop down to the ground to eat.

These are some of the cutest Sparrows around and I love the little patch of yellow by the eyes.









14 thoughts on “White-throated Sparrow

  1. what a pretty fellow, looks like he is very well fed… 🙂 …he looks like he is posing in the third one down…all are great but I like that photo in particular

    • Hi Heather, all the birds by me are well fed. They pillage the feeder every morning and early evenings. They are expensive to feed hahaha! A lot of the birds look bigger than they really are due to the cold weather. They puff up to keep warm. It was extremely cold here this winter. It is starting to finally go above freezing the last two weeks or so.

    • Thanks Robert! I have had them by me all winter. They used to live in a tree in my yard but have moved on but come back every day to eat at the feeder. I think the Song Sparrows chased them off to another tree. The Song Sparrows are very aggressive towards the more timid White-throated Sparrows. Enjoy the Sparrows by you. They are very fun to watch.

    • Thanks for stopping by! This Sparrow allows me to get closer than most other visitors to the feeder. He is a little ham that likes his picture taken hahaha!

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