Back in 2005 my friends and I visited Vegas for the first time. It was quite the experience.

On our first day, we visited the Hoover Dam which was very impressive. If you are ever in Vegas, take the time to visit the dam as you will not regret it. You will need to rent a car or you can book a tour through a tour agency. We opted to rent a car so we could stop at different areas around Vegas and the Hoover Dam.

We also visited downtown Las Vegas at the famous Fremont Street. This is the old section of Vegas with a lot of older casinos and hotels. They have a covered walkway that is a huge digital screen. Every few minutes the screen displays a show and is not to be missed. Fremont Street is just a short drive away from the Vegas Strip and cabs are cheap.

On the Vegas Strip, there are numerous hotels and casinos to stay at or visit. Our hotel, The Flamingo, was pretty much in the middle of the strip and made access to other hotels and casinos easy to get to. Some hotels and casinos are further away and you would need to take a cab or the tram. The tram is elevated and free.

One attraction further away was the Stratosphere Hotel. It is the tallest tower in Vegas and from the top you can pretty much see all of Vegas. If you go to the Stratosphere, make sure you stay for nightfall to see Vegas lit at night.

Other than gambling, each hotel has it’s own attractions. Some have plays, circuses, zoos and aquariums. If you plan a trip to Vegas, try to plan ahead as there is so much to see and do or you can just go and do things spur of the moment. If doing spur of the moment, you might not see everything you want but sometimes spur of the moment will take you places you didn’t plan on and sometimes is better that way.

Some of the hotels shown are:
The Venetian
Caesars Palace
The Flamingo
The Paris Hotel and Casino
The Stratosphere
Mandalay Bay
New York New York
The Luxor

On to the photos. Not in any specific order.


































8 thoughts on “Las Vegas 2005

  1. great pictorial…I’ve never been to Vegas, so I enjoy photos like this, they are so much better than a brochure! …someday I’ll visit… 🙂

    • Hi Heather! Vegas is a lot of fun. It isn’t just gambling. There is so much to see and do. I went for a week and still didn’t even see half of what I wanted to see. I did go a second time and again, still didn’t see it all.

  2. Nice photos. My grandpa lived in Vegas from the mid 70s until he died around ten years later. I had the pleasure of visiting him twice. Vegas has truly been transformed since that time. The Disney-esque makeover is fun and exciting, but I am thankful I was able to experience it more oldstyle. We walked hand in hand down to the strip, he showed me the Golden Nugget and witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly. It made me think of Sinatra, Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. I feel fortunate to have seen both worlds.

    • Hi, thanks for visiting. That’s good you got to see the old and new Vegas. I never had the chance to see the old but the new Vegas was very entertaining.

    • Thanks again Robert! In some of the dam photos you can see how much the water levels have dropped and in some spots of the river it is completely dry now.

  3. Wow thanks for the photos, especially the the of Caesar’s Palace. Caesar’s has really undergone some major changes in the last 5 or so years (so has entire strip has really). The last time I was in Vegas I was trying to remember how Caesar’s used to look, and your photo answered that.

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