Another visit to the Barnegat Bay Lighthouse on Feb 15, 2013.

This time the Loons were loony for crabs. I followed one Common Loon for a good hour watching it catch and eat at least 15 crabs. A new one for me was seeing a Harbor Seal in the bay. I saw it very briefly but I did manage to gt one photo of it before it dove.

Besides the usual feathery friends flying and fishing, the USCG were on maneuvers that day and I saw some USCG helicopters flying overhead and some boats crashing through the waves.

Species seen on this day:
Common Loon, winter plumage
Purple Sandpiper
Ruddy Turnstone
Red-breasted Merganser
Harbor Seal

On to the photos.


























16 thoughts on “Going Loon(y) for crabs at Barnegat Bay

    • Thanks for visiting! The Loons were very cool to watch. I love the way they dive and come up with the crabs in their beaks and I especially love it when they surface with the crab speared with the tip of their beaks. They sure eat a lot of crabs.

    • Thanks Heather! That particular day was very busy indeed. So much to see and it kept my shutter button finger busy. It was a beautiful, sunny day but bitterly cold.

    • Thanks Robert! I use a very old Nikon D70s (6 megapixels and 8 years old) and an even older Sigma 70-300mm lens (10 years old). I want to upgrade to the new Nikon D7100 (24.1 megapixels) and the new Sigma 120-400mm lens one day. My old Sigma 70-300mm is on it’s way out. It barely ever focuses anymore.

      • I have a brand new Sigma 70-300 and it barely focuses as well unless the light is really good. Mine is a bottom end lens and it may be because of that. I feel like I wasted my money though and since bought a Canon IS 55-250 for only $80.00 more. I shouldn’t have tried to save the $80.00. It’s not defective, just needs lots of light to autofocus, both maximum f-stops are the same so it’s not that. I didn’t use it when I first bought it because I had ordered a new camera body and was waiting for that to arrive so the lens sat. I couldn’t return it as I waited too long. The nice thing about Nikon is you can buy your lens and camera one at a time and interchange, which Canon does not do.

  1. By the way, I figured out why my new Sigma didn’t focus very well, I had to change my camera focus setting from multi-point to single point and that fixed the problem.

    • Hi Robert, very cool that you figured out your focusing problem. That’s great. Unfortunately mine is still a problem and I do have mine set to single focus. I just think that mine is too old and ready to retire. Thanks for the tip though, greatly appreciated.

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