Every once in a while my yard is swarmed by European Starlings. Sometimes, there are hundreds that come to feed on my lawn. The picture below shows a sample of what it looks like when they come to feed. This just shows what is only visible from the front door of my house. There were many more to the left which I couldn’t get in the picture. This picture was taken last fall.


The pics below show one of the Starlings posing nicely for me.




10 thoughts on “European Starling

  1. There are starlings that gather in the trees across from my apartment – it’s amazing how many of them there are. And the sound they make – wow. Especially when they all fly off together. The sound and then total silence.

    • Thanks for visiting Cheryl. The iridescent colors are what attracted me to them besides the hundreds that visit my lawn. The Common Grackle also has iridescent colors and I will be posting them next.

  2. lol…wow…you obviously have something tasty in your lawn! 🙂 at first glance they look rather plain but your amazing close ups show the iridescent colours beautifully…

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