Posting about another trip to the Barnegat Bay Lighthouse. I went to see the migrating birds that have a layover at the bay but I got there really late as the sun was just about starting to set. I did manage to see a few stragglers but they were all gulls. I haven’t fully identified all the gulls yet but hope to one day. The good thing about getting there late was seeing the brilliant sunset. The sun setting made the sky look as if it was on fire.












16 thoughts on “Sunset by the bay

  1. wow…gorgeous sunset!!! love it… I like to click on small photos as there is always so much more to see when it is larger…you’ve captured amazing detail with the birds…beautiful shots.

    • Thanks Heather! It was a bitterly cold day that day with the windchill making the temps feel well below zero. I was lucky to be there that day for the sunset. It is one of the nicest I have ever seen. Thanks for visiting again.

    • Thanks. I currently use a Nikon D70s with a Nikon 18-70 and a Sigma 70-300. My setup is roughly 8 years old. I am looking to upgrade soon to the Nikon D7000 and probably the Sigma 120-400.

    • Thanks for visiting. The sunset is one of the most brillinat ones I have seen especially for the New Jersey area. We do get some nice ones but this one was by far the best.

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