Song Sparrow

This little birdie is another frequent visitor to my feeder. Every morning around 7am I hear it chirping away. It will sit on the grass and pick up everything and I mean everything that falls on the grass or what I throw there for the ground feeders.






9 thoughts on “Getting in tune

  1. lol…hungry little fellow or is it possibly feeding a family? great photos…love the top close up in the branches with the gorgeous sky as a back drop…

    • Hi Heather. Thanks! It is possible it’s feeding a family. The weather here has been very gloomy and the blue sky is a rarity. The last few days has been clear but bitterly cold. Just last week it rained here for eight days in a row.

  2. love your enthusiasm…I have a little wren that has taken up residence in our courtyard and he wakes up just after the seagulls and sings his heart out. I love the way he wags his long tail as he hops from branch to branch…singing proud and loud!

    • Thanks for stopping by. Glad you like the photos. Birding takes a lot of patience. I put food out to attract them but sometimes it’s pure luck, for me that is, to get the birds at the right time. It’s been very overcast/rainy/snowy here for the last few months with very few sunny days so I try to take advantage of the few sunny days we get here. Good luck with your bird photography.

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