This morning two Cardinals were chirping loudly by the feeder. By the time I got my camera they had hopped to the curb. Sorry for the lousy images. These images were taken through the glass of the front door around 7:30am with the sun still below the roof tops and slight overcast.

Both Cardinals looked both ways before hopping into the middle of the street then flew away.




10 thoughts on “Look both ways before crossing the street

    • Thank you! The males are very cool with their vibrant red color but I actually like the female better with the variety of colors on them. The females are rare visitors though and very hard to photograph as they are very fidgety. I did manage to get a couple of the females and will post soon.

  1. Both hoped on the small patch of grass, it got wet due to fog in the air, discussed where to find some food, before they parted for the day..cardinals got to fly away.

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