Some blue jay fun

Blue Jay02

Blue Jay03

Blue Jay04

My niece accidentally bumped into me to give this cool effect

My niece accidentally bumped into me to give this cool effect

The jay flew so fast I didn't get a good focus on it taking off

The jay flew so fast I didn’t get a good focus on it taking off

Blue Jay09


27 thoughts on “Why so blue?

  1. fun for sure, amazing photos…the Blue Jay has always been my favourite…love their colouring! At my previous home there used to be a few, not exactly sure how many, at least two, who would come around often…I tried to take photos but they were definitly camera shy…often they would fly away when I opened my door??? Eventually I satisfied myself with watching them…

    • Hi Heather, it takes patience for the birds to trust you. All the birds flew away at first when I first started about 5 weeks ago. Now some have grown accustomed to me and I can get as close as one foot from them. Keep feeding them and they will come.

      I put a mixture of seeds, bread and berries hoping to attract all types. So far I noticed they mostly prefer the bread. The jays are now starting to eat the seeds. It just takes time. Good luck with your birds.

  2. Nice photos, and did you know that if you have living blue jays in your neighborhood, the chances of having west nile in your area are slim. Because they are one of the most susceptible birds to the virus and the first to die if bitten. Just a little sunday useless trivia for you.

    • Hi Chris, thanks for the tip. I do have a lot of mosquitoes here as I do live near the bay and there are a lot of marshes and wetlands around. I am hoping there is no west nile virus as I have dozens of blue jays around and that’s good as you said. Thanks again.

  3. We have a lot of Blue Jays around here. As much as they are bullies, they always give warning sign for other birds when there is a hawk around. Love the photos.

    • Thanks for visiting. yes, the Blue Jays are bullies and very loud alarms. Even though they are bullies I love the blue on them and they are fun to watch.

  4. Reblogged this on all one ward and commented:
    I’m reblogging this on my site for Valentine’s Day because both the title and the visual message make a thought/feeling re/pair, for those of us who aren’t receiving cookies, bookings, or … nookie, today: WHY so BLUE? Maybe because you are TOO BEAUTIFUL not to.

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