About a week ago I posted some images of two cardinals fighting across the street from me. Well, just the other day, the two cardinals brought the fight to my front yard. In the images below you can see the two cardinals closer than in the previous post. These two were really going at it and in the end only one remained to enjoy the taste of victory. They were fighting over territory I suppose as my tree has a bird feeder. It’s there for all birds to enjoy.










14 thoughts on “UFC – Ultimate Fighting Cardinals

    • Thanks for stopping by. They are beautiful and I had the pleasure to see a female cardinal as well. I will post the female later on as well as some closeups of the males.

  1. Oh, the bird drama goes on and on!
    We’re still trying to figure out the action around our feeders, why one will scare everyone else off rather than jest settle in and eat alongside them. It’s rarely a matter of fighting, we’ve concluded, but something else altogether. As if we’ve quite determined what that is.

    • Thanks for visiting. Most of the birds do eat together but once in a while I see some squabbles between different species and their own kind. I am still trying to figure out what they are fighting over. Sometimes there is a sort of pecking order but mostly they end up sharing the tree and food together.

  2. lol…they both appear to be well fed…these fellows are beautiful…or maybe I should say handsome? thank you for sharing, I’ve never seen a cardinal…I look forward to seeing more!

    • Thanks for stopping by again. They are beautiful. I will post some of the female in a different post. The female is totally different but to me, still looks just as beautiful. These two males were actually smaller than a third one I have seen visiting. The third male is just a tad bit larger. I have lots of closeups of him. He is more trusting of me than the others as I think he might be older and is used to humans. The female only visits 1-2 times a week while the males visit about 4-5 times a week.

    • Thanks for visiting. Cardinals are common here in my part of NJ but they disappear from time to time and then all of a sudden they are back. I hope I can keep them around for a while as they are very playful and fun to watch.

    • Thanks for visiting, sorry for the late reply. Somehow I missed this one. The Cardinals are very bright and do stand out from the rest. Very attractive birds though.

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