Earlier today I heard some loud chirping which sounded like Cardinals. I looked around to see where the noise was coming from and I saw across the street about 50 feet away, two male Cardinals fighting.  They were too far away to get any good closeups.

These were taken with my Sigma 70-300mm zoom at 300mm from about 50 feet away.


Cardinal minding his own business


Second Cardinal comes along to start a brawl


Second Cardinal about ready to chase off the first Cardinal


First Cardinal seen being chased off


2 thoughts on “Cardinal brawl

    • Thanks Ewa! I do have some closer photos but haven’t posted them yet. There is one really good closeup in the Animal Hijinks post.

      To see the full size, click the picture then under the picture to the right, there is something that says dimensions. Click the numbers next to the word dimensions. That will take you to the full size picture. The picture will automatically resize itself to fit the screen, just click the picture again and it will go to full size. I hope that helps. I will be posting new pictures of blue jays and cardinals pretty soon.

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