Today started off as a cloudy, rainy day but quickly became a beautiful, clear, sunny afternoon. With the sun came some of natures ornaments dressing the berry tree in my front yard. There were a plethora of birds in and around the berry tree today.

The morning started off with some loud ticks from the House Finches with a Turkey Hawk circling overhead. The sky was heavily overcast and the House Finches are so tiny it was hard to focus behind all those branches. This is the best shot I got.

House Finch

Turkey Hawk

 Later in the day, the overcast started to clear up and turned into a beautiful blue sky.

Nice clear blue skies

Soon after, the birds started coming out one after the other chirping and squawking loudly as if asking me where the food is. Besides the House Finch and the Turkey Hawk, there were Seagulls, European Starlings, Song Sparrows, Mockingbirds, Blue Jays and Cardinals. Here are an assortment of photos capturing the different species.

Song Sparrow

European Starlings


Blue Jay

Blue Jay




Mockingbird mocking me. It was actually drinking water left over from the rain this morning in the gutter hanging on my roof.



12 thoughts on “Natures Christmas tree ornaments

    • Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked the pics. It does take a lot of patience trying to get pictures of birds. They aren’t the most cooperative. I am new to birding and all I can really say is, practice, practice, practice.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I use a Nikon D70s with a Sigma 70-300mm lens. Both lens and camera are pretty old and the lens is very, very slow but they work. To see the full size, click the picture then under the picture to the right, there is something that says dimensions. Click the numbers next to the word dimensions. That will take you to the full size picture. The picture will automatically resize itself to fit the screen, just click the picture again and it will go to full size. I hope that helps. I will be posting new pictures of the blue jays, cardinals and purple finches pretty soon.

  1. I haven’t seen an Eastern Blue Jay since I lived in New Hampshire in the late 1980’s. Your photos are a real treat. Ditto on the Cardinal.
    Thanks, and nice blog!

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