Once in a lifetime you get an opportunity to do something you have never done before. Back in 2009, my friend asked me if I could help him move from NJ to Texas. We would be driving a rental truck more than half way across the country.

Driving a 22ft truck was one of the firsts for me as the largest vehicle I had driven before was a 1999 Toyota Camry. The other first for me was driving cross country.

This was to be an unconventional trip as my friend wanted to do it in as little time as possible. With that in mind, it didn’t leave any time for sightseeing. This trip was seen 99.9% through the windshield on the big 22 footer.

There will be some missing parts as we took turns driving and sleeping so some missed opportunities went by at 70mph.

As my friend wanted to avoid I10, we went with some out of the way routes which did represent some interesting views.

The beast


Here were are entering Baltimore

Here were are entering Baltimore

Now entering Washington D.C.

Passing the Washington Monument

Entering Virginia

Some old barns in Virginia

Some old barns in Virginia

First nights rest at the Fairfield Inn Marriott

Entering Tennessee

Giant guitar off 81 in Tennessee

Rolling hills of Tennessee

See a house being moved by truck on the highway


Passing over the Holston River, Tennessee

Entering Alabama

Passing over the mighty Mississippi

In Louisiana

See an endless freight train in Louisiana

About to enter Texas

Entering Texas

See some bails of hay on a truck

Also see a truck on a pole

City of Houston

City of Houston

City of Houston

See a Renaissance Fair while in Houston

Cheer for your favorite jouster

Cheer for your favorite jouster

And finally, meet a wench at the Renaissance Fair



11 thoughts on “Road trip, Texas

    • Yes it was a long drive. Texas was quite enjoyable. Many things to see and do. I unfortunately had an emergency back at home and had to leave early. I was supposed to stay about two weeks but ended up only staying for four days.

  1. This brought back some memories as I was born and grew up in Texas about 20 miles from where you entered the state but moved away a long time ago. Thanks for the ride.

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