Part five

Getting back on track with my regular posts after Hurricane Sandy set me back a while. Following up on my piece on Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty, is part five of my NYC posts, Central Park.

Further glamorizing New York City is the beautiful Central Park. Magnificent views of the city from almost every direction with lakes and wildlife not normally associated with a city. Here are some views of Central Park from my point of view.

Views of buildings from Central Park (Below)


Take a carriage ride (Below)


See some serene lakes (Below)


Saunter along the many walking/hiking paths (Below)


See an abundance of wildlife (Below)


Go row boating in one of the many lakes (Below)


If walking/hiking isn’t your thing, check out the bike paths (Below)


There are so many things to see and do in Central Park. I happened to walk upon an impromptu photo shoot at one of the lakes (Below)


Sit and do some people watching from a fountain or on a park bench (Below)


14 thoughts on “Central Park, NYC

  1. I love NY. A great city! We came just after Sandy to run the marathon, which ultimately, and quite rightly, got cancelled. But we still had a great time. Did the Circle Line tour – our guide pointed out that NY doesn’t survive without tourism. We shouldn’t feel guilty about being there, and please spend and enjoy. We did. Hope it helped. Good luck!

  2. Birds and squirrels … and you got shots before they scampered off, well done! I also love the one with the path with rocks down one side, the redish leaves on the ground really set the photo off.

    • Thanks for visiting. Central Park is great to see a wide variety of animals not seen within the surrounding buildings. There are also a lot of paths to walk down which present some unique photo opportunities. I am glad you liked the photos.

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