The last time I went to shoot the fall colors at the D & R Canal on the NJ side a couple weeks back, there were barely any leaves changing. I figured it was time to venture out once more and see if the colors were out.

I joined a photography club recently and they wanted to meet up to shoot some waterfalls this past weekend in the northern part of New Jersey and across the border into Pennsylvania. I figured this would be a great opportunity to tag along and check out some areas in NJ and PA I haven’t seen before.

This time out, the fall colors were cooperating and it was very colorful. I did manage to find a few colorful areas around the waterfalls but not much.

This was my second attempt to shoot the fall colors and while I didn’t get what I was looking for I did manage to get some.

I stopped at the Allamuchy rest area to stretch my legs from the long drive where I got a chance to shoot some fall colors (Below)

Our first stop took us to an area in NJ called Buttermilk Falls (Below)

Next on the itinerary was Tillman Ravine on the NJ side (Below)

Pretty in pink (Below)

I walk a lonely road (Below)

Can you spot me? I look like I am popping a squat like a bear haha! (Below)

I found a real fungi (fun guy) at the ravine. He was a pleasure to hang with (Below)

And lastly, for me that is, was Raymondskill Falls on the PA side (Below)

On the way back, I stopped off at the Allamuchy NJ scenic overlook on Route 80 to catch the sunset. What an amazing view. You can really see the fall colors from there (Below)

4 thoughts on “Fall foliage, part deux

    • Thanks Rosie. Glad you like the pictures. I love the fall colors too. Who knew NJ had such beauty? I never paid much attention to the fall in NJ and took it for granted but not anymore. I will be out next year to capture even more.

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