Part One

New York, what can I say about Manhattan that hasn’t already been said. It is a veritable melting pot, a city of diverse population.

With beautiful architectural buildings, parks, museums, shopping and locations, such as Times Square, Central Park, Chinatown and Little Italy this is what makes it a great place to visit. You won’t be disappointed.

Starting with Times Square, this will be first in a series of NYC posts. NYC is just too vast and fascinating to do in just one post.

Times Square is full of life, energy and quite a few eccentricities, which makes it a very interesting place to see. This is a popular place for the New Year’s Eve ball drop celebration. Whether you go during the regular season or on New Year’s Eve, you will be astonished by the crowds and at night you will be amazed by the lighted billboards.

Times Square (Below)

By chance, I happened upon a free concert thrown by MTV, which featured Rhianna. This was a total surprise and pretty much every time you go to NYC you will be surprised. There is always something going on unexpectedly.

Rhianna concert, backup singers doing soundchecks (Below)

Rhianna on stage (Below)

There are also many colorful characters that take residence in Times Square. These people dress in costume and want you to pose for pictures with them for tips. Don’t feel obligated to pose with them. Besides the colorful characters, there are also some pretty quirky individuals scattered around.

Some of the characters found in Times Square (Below)

There is always a Police presence there. Yes, that is a guy in a bikini wearing a Statue of Liberty hat riding a bicycle (Below)

Police on horseback (Below)

Night times is a great time to go to see the lighted billboards (Below)

Stay tuned for upcoming features on other notable areas of NYC.


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