What is there to see and do in Bali you ask? Whether you have a set itinerary or just want to wander around freely you will not be disappointed. If you have a map of Bali and you point blindly to it you can’t go wrong.

There are many things to see and do there. From beaches, night clubs, volcanoes, temples to wild life.

Whether you have ultra expensive hotel tastes or are a budget minded traveler, there are always places to fit your bill.  For example, my hotel was in Legian. It was basically just a room with a bed and bathroom. I paid $8 US a day for my room. Granted, I was two blocks away from the beach and didn’t have an ocean view but I wasn’t there to stay in the room except to sleep and shower.

My stay in Bali was more of a budget minded traveler and I wanted to do most of my time going off the beaten path. You will find it more exciting finding things on your own and not tied down to the time constraints of a tour package. In doing so, I found many local places that catered to tourists as well and while the language barrier was sometimes a problem, the locals were always friendly and willing to help.

Even if you decide to go on your own without a tour package, there are tour agencies all over and some of the smaller agencies will gladly negotiate prices. One fun thing to do is rent a scooter which is fairly inexpensive. You can rent hourly or weekly, and again, the smaller the business, the more likely you will be able to negotiate prices.

If renting a vehicle, be aware that the gas stations will be crowded and expect to wait in line for a while to get gas. The traffic can sometimes be a nightmare but the further away from the towns the traffic is virtually nonexistent.

Be prepared to stop without notice. On one occasion, the police stopped all traffic so that a funeral procession could pass. Usually the whole town takes part and the procession could take up to an hour or more. The ceremony is performed sort of like a parade and stretches for miles.

Funeral procession in Mengwi (Below)

Bali is known for it’s beaches. Some of the nicer beaches are Legian and Kuta. Both offer 5 star or budget hotels. Legian is more for the surfer type while Kuta has surfers as well, is more for the lounging type. Either one will be fine for whatever you choose. But the surf was a little rougher at Legian.

Kuta Beach (Below)

Kuta Beach. Where did I park my bike? (Below)

Sky Garden Bar, Kuta (Below)

Memorial site of 2002 Kuta bombing (Below)

Legian (Below)

There are plenty of restaurants and shops in town (both Kuta and Legian) and of course the street vendors. You will find that the street vendors are always willing to make a deal. Don’t be afraid to haggle with them.

Balinese beaches boast some of the best sunsets and there are many beach side bars/restaurants you can relax at while enjoying the view. One especially nice sunset is at Tanah Lot. It is a temple on a rock surrounded by the water.  If you go at the right time you will also see the Balinese sacred mask dance. The dance is done for many different reasons like offerings to God or for harvesting. The face paint makeup and masks are very colorful. It surely is a sight to see.

Performers preparing for the sacred mask dance  (Below)

Sunset at Tanah Lot (Below)

If you need a break from the beach you can always head further inland to places like Mengwi, Ubud and Bedugul. There you will see wild monkeys (Ubud) which you can hand feed. Make sure all your items are carefully packed as the monkeys will steal whatever they can get hold of.

Monkey Forest, Ubud (Below)

Trail through Monkey Forest, Ubud (Below)

Foot bridge at Ubud (Below)

Statues at Ubud (Below)

You will also see rice paddies (Mengwi), rice terraces (Tegallalang), temples (Ubud and Bedugul) and volcanoes (Kintamani Volcano and Batur Lake).

Rice paddy on the way to Mengwi (Below)

Rice harvest on the way to Mengwi (Below)

Pura Taman Ayu, Mengwi (Below)

Rice terraces at Tegallalang (Below)

Fruit bat on the way to Kintamani volcano (Below)

Lizard on the way to Kintamani volcano (Below)

Kintamani Volcano (Below)

Temple at Batur Lake (Below)

Temples at Ubud (Below)

The Balinese cuisine is very tasty and colorful. If going to the usual touristy restaurants you will see the more fanciful meals. If going local, the meals aren’t as fanciful but still tasty and worth a try.  Most of my meals were from the local eateries and were just as good as any 5 star restaurant.

Local cuisine. This was breakfast (Below)

Some things to note before hand:

Do not drink the local water. Drink only bottled water/drinks. When traveling/sightseeing around Bali/Indonesia bring your own toilet paper.Don’t let these deter you from going there. Every country has their own customs that world travelers have to get accustomed to.

Overall, Bali should be on the top of your list of places to see.


20 thoughts on “Bali, Indonesia

    • Thanks Jenna! Glad you liked it. This article was just on Bali. I have a part two to do on Java. There is way too much to write in just one article.

  1. Beautiful photos and nice travel. The monkeys reminded me about my travel to Thailand. In Railay I’ve met monkey’s families. One of mothers covered child’s eyes to protect it against flashes. And the food – it’s amazing, because it’s so much more natural than in Europe. But the most amazing was the bat – I did even not know that there are so huge bats somewhere there. Amazing. For sure Asia is beautiful place and I can fully agree that nothing should stop us from seeing those places. Each culture is different and we should respect it while travelling. That way we can learn a lot ourselves.

    • Thanks Ewa! The wildlife in Indonesia were all amazing. The food was great too but the best food I ever had was in Thailand. Asia is wonderful and I miss it dearly. I hope to make it back one day.

      • This is what I heard – that the best food is in Thailand. I don’t have comparison yet, will see in Sri Lanka in February.
        I hope you will make it back as you wish 🙂

  2. Wow, you went EVERYWHERE! 😀 Actually, yes, in my opinion you can go wrong.. Denpasar isn’t really tourist material unless you were looking for the big supermarkets and traffic. 😛
    Lovina has good beaches too (with the dolphins and stuff) but it’s of course more expensive if you stay there. :\ Oh! And in a lot of the towns’ temples there are what we call Calonarang almost everynight.. Well, I know in Ubud there is. But I only recommend it to the curious and/or brave. ^^
    O yea, when was this??

    • Thanks for the tips. I will make note of them if/when I return. I went back in 2008 near the end of the rainy season. It rained quite a bit and parts of Jakarta and Bali got flooded. The water in Bali by Legian was knee high in the streets. I would liked to have seen the Calonarang, sounds interesting. I hope to post the rest of the pictures from the other areas of Indonesia maybe Sunday. Indonesia is a very beautiful country and very friendly people. I would love to go back one day. Thanks for stopping by.

      • Ah, yeah.. It’s supposed to be the rainy season now too but we’re not getting much rain.. (or so my family said)
        If you want to usually they’re performed in the temples late at night.. Well there would be a sign for the details so..
        Then I’ll be stopping by again to have a look. 🙂
        That makes me proud to be Indonesian.. ^^

  3. Thank you for stopping by! Never get enough of Bali~ But next time you are in Indonesia, you might want to stop by Lombok! It’s just an island east of Bali and it’s whole different kind of paradise =)

    • Thanks for visiting. I planned on going to Lombok but didn’t have time. I regret not going now. I bought a travel guide specifically on Lombok and just never made it there. Maybe next time if I make it back.

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    • Thanks for stopping by. Sorry for the really late reply. Sometimes I don’t get notified when a comment comes in. If you ever get the chance to go please do. Such a wonderful place.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad you liked my photos. I really enjoyed this post of yours. I LOVE Bali and I go there every time I get a chance. I loved your photos of the Monkey Forest and the various temples. I really love watching all the different dances they do there. Such fantastic shows. I hope to get around to putting up some posts on my blog about Bali too. Just too much stuff going on already. 😉

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